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Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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Pope’s mailbox in Vatican is guarded by a Goan Nun

A sister who hails from Goa, guards the Pope’s mailbox in Vatican. She works for 7 hours a day where she goes through the letters,greetings,requests for prayers and other request like settlement of family disputes among others.

Sister Lucy has been doing this religiously for the past 13 years. She is the only Indian among 300 odd staff who as been assigned the job.  Sister Lucy has also did the same work for the other Popes including Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

Sister Lucy who was born in Goa’s Cuncolim will be turning 70 next year. She recalls saying that they do not talk with each other since the work demands a continuous work because of millions of letters Pope receives from worldwide followers and believers.

Her job is to ensure that none of the letters are missed and are being recorded in the system. Top secrecy is maintained with regards to the sender and its contents. Even kids writes letters and sends their drawings, says Sister Lucy. While the majority of letters comes from Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, from the Indian counterpart, most of the letters were sent from Kerala, she says.

Sister Lucy is proficient in Polish, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French apart from Indian languages like Hindi and Marathi. 

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