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Post Elections reaction quote on behalf of Next Education

“The Indian education system is evolving fast and in the past few years, we have witnessed numerous changes. From introducing a new education policy to reforming NEET exam requirements or putting emphasis on digitised classrooms, ICT-enabled learning and quality teacher training programmes –  different steps are taking towards the development of the K-12 sector. Furthermore, the Interim Budget 2019 announced an increase of 10 per cent in the education budget, a total amount of Rs 93,847.64 crore, especially for nationwide academic development.

But despite having such information, it is not clear how this amount is invested in the education sector today and what value the huge investment is adding to the core sector.

We, as a responsible organisation in the education sector, expect the upcoming government to clarify further on the RTE payments which can ensure strict enforcement of rules at every level. It is expected that the inequity in the education sector will be dissolved on a prior basis and government institutions will be accepted thoroughly equipped with modern academic infrastructures, teacher training and technologies pertaining to AI and cloud computing.

We aim to go hand in hand with the government in ushering a digital revolution in every classroom of this country and make modern education accessible to every child.”

 By:  Mr.Beas Dev Ralhan,CEO & Co-founder,Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.

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