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Post Holi skin care tips

We all love Holi. The colours, the get together, the madness, and the fun. We enjoy every bt of it. But what happens later to our skin is a sad story that we all know.


Taking proper care of our skin after the chemical based colors, is of immense importance. Below are some skin care tips that will help you keep your skin healthy after Holi:

1. After playing with the colours, remember not to use harsh soaps to get rid of colours from your skin

2. Massage on the skin and then wipe off with moist cotton woo

3. To get rid of colours and chemicals on your skin, use coconut oil

4. To keep yourself hydrated, and your skin moisturised

5. If during the play you feel itchiness or irritation on your skin, make sure to wash the area immediately with cold water. Washing off with cold water will reduce the instant inflammation

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