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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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National, May 14, 2018– Today, Reebok announced an inspired partnership with one of this generation’s most powerful symbols of individuality and confidence – actor Nathalie Emmanuel. The new collaboration is built upon a foundational purpose to promote, enable and energize female individuality and independence, spotlighting the multi-faceted personalities and strengths of women around the world.

 Emmanuel brings genuine advocacy and belief in the inner strength of every human to Reebok’s growing roster of internationally recognized women, which includes Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Gal Gadot, among others. Reebok will unite Emmanuel with these other influential voices to lead an exciting new female-first campaign that will launch in 2018.

 “I am driven by the idea that all women are not defined by a single trait. We are individuals with strengths, talents and beliefs that define us and shape who we are as humans. This new partnership with Reebok is founded upon shared passion and synergy with individuality. Together, we are passionate about an agenda that spotlights the individual abilities of women and propels their stories forward,” said Emmanuel.

 “Physical, mental and social integration are the core of Reebok’s brand ethos, and I truly see the virtue in a healthy body and mind to take the traits that make us special and use them to their fullest potential.”

 Reebok has steadily built an awe-inspiring team of powerful female advocates, and later in 2019 they will unite behind the brand’s female-first platform to inspire change and mobilize women to be the strongest version of themselves. 

 “Nathalie is a hugely important addition to our powerful female coalition of inspirational journeys, passions, beliefs and inspirations. We have a combined focus with Nathalie, and all of our collaborators, to motivate and mobilize women across the world to find their balance between physical, mental and social health to achieve their full potential. We’re excited to see everything come together later this year and we hope everyone is watching when we do, because the message is real,” said Todd Krinsky, GM of Reebok Performance. 

Emmanuel appears in campaign launch imagery, featuring Reebok’s latest Women’s Training Collection, including Reebok Mesh Bomber Jacket, Reebok Nature X Seamless Bra, Reebok Nature X High Waisted Legging and Reebok Freestyle Hi Muted.


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