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Prannoy clinches US Open Grand Prix Gold

Prannoy had the final laugh in the US Open Grand Prix Gold thereby winning the prize money of $9,000 whereas Kashyap had won half the amount as the runner-up.

In the all Indian finals which was held yesterday, Prannoy had a better over Kashyap thereby winning the match by a score of 21-15, 20-22, 21-12. It was a equally contested match since both had won 1 set each in the first two sets pushing the championship match to the third and the final set.

The match had lasted for 65 minutes.

“It was a good match, pretty intense match, a high quality match by both me and Kashyap. I think after losing the second game narrowly, I was calm and patient enough and it worked for me. In second game, Kashyap was playing better than the first game. He was putting a lot of pressure on net and he was also finishing the lifts that I was producing, that made the whole difference.But in the third game, I changed my strategy a bit and I had a good lead. So yeah, overall happy with the tournament. Now I am looking forward to New Zealand Open,” Prannoy said after winning the match.

Both had a 1-1 winning ratio prior to this match and now Prannoy has proved that he is a better player over Kashyap who is been plagued with injuries.

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