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Praroha by Manasija- An exemplary ode to age-old Odissi traditions by new generation

‘Praroha’-A Group Odissi Production by Manasija with 40 children’s all in the age group of 5-15 years is all set to thrill the city on Saturday, 17th November 2018 at Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra, Sector-6 Noida. The programme will kick off at 6.30 pm sharp and will continue till 1.5 hours. With free entry open for all, anyone who loves and respects art can be a part of the program.  People will get to witness the delightful medley of traditional dance form with a creative yet unique choreography concept revolving around the crucial contemporary subject- Importance of Khel (physical sports and games) in the lives of kids.

Praroha, literally translating to meaning ‘Sprout’, is truly about evolving from the contemporary problems by implying the age-old traditional ethics and values.  With all the love, affection and care, Manasija for over the past 5 years inculcated the beautiful seed of classical dance and music in its students. Through Praroha, they aim to celebrate the sprouting of these beautiful saplings and spread the sweet smell of their mellifluous art. As kids are the core influencers and the future change makers of society, Manasija also focuses on gaining back love, respect and awareness for Indian classical dance forms through these young talents in the modern India’s canvas.

While talking about Praroha-by Manasija, Arunima Ghosh says, “Like a Banyan tree sprouts from a single seed and over the years when nurtured with adequate nutrition from sun, water, air and soil the tree strengthens up to stay firm and strong amidst all storms. Similarly, in the production of Praroha, kids were taught with the artistic sensibilities of Odissi dance form along with the traditional values and ethics which will help them be better humans and succeed in life despite all the chaos of modern society around them.”

“Approaches towards Odissi might differ with generations, but the traditional parameters remain the same over the years. Thus, this production shall explore the challenges of not only showcasing the traditional values in a contemporary vision but also carrying forward the baton of Odissi by the new generation.” Arunima added.

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