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Pregnant Women to get 26 weeks paid leave – bill passed

After the International Women’s Day celebration, on Thursday assembly passed a bill that will advantage about 1.8 million women in India. The Maternity Benefit Bill passed by the Lok Sabha.


Ministry of Women and Child Development said after the approval of the bill it has made it easy way for a healthy and secure mother and a well-nourished child, Maneka Gandhi, thanked for support from others.

As per the bill those Women who are working in the organised sector will now be permitted to get paid maternity leave of 26 weeks.

Those establishments who are employing 10 or more people, the women employee is supposed to get benefit of 26 weeks paid leave up to 2 children. In case of 3rd child, the benefit will be up to 12 weeks only.  As per bill it is mandatory for employers who are having 30 women or 50 employees, either is less, to give crèche facilities in the office or in any place within a 500-metre.


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