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Prepare for the CBSE board exams with Toppscholars – The Smart Learning App


10th and 12th CBSE board exams are considered the important milestones in the life of students. Their academic scores become a decisive factor in deciding their stream in 11th and getting admission in the college. This creates a lot of pressure on the students.

With the coming up of e-learning platforms, students can start their preparation for board exams early and strategically so that they don’t feel pressurized later.  There are several e-learning platforms that offer good study material and sample question papers for practice, but the kind of e-learning Toppscholars provides clearly stands out of the league.

The stakes are high for the students writing these exams. It becomes very important to understand that merely providing the material is not sufficient, but providing ‘relevant’ study material becomes very important. They provides relevant, high quality and easy to understand study material so that students can learn without facing any difficulties.

How Toppscholars will help?

The courses at Toppscholars help the students to learn in an innovative manner. It provides 6000+ engaging videos, unlimited revision notes etc. that help the students to lay a strong foundation in complex subjects like Math and Science. Along with it, students can carry on with their learning process anytime and anywhere.

CBSE Courses are designed to cover chapter-wise tests with detailed feedback.  So that the students can analyse their strengths and weaknesses and work upon them with proficiency. If the learners face any difficulty, they can schedule a call, video session or write to the personal mentor for clearing that doubt.

When should one subscribe to Toppscholars?

Well-planned and executed preparation from day one of the 9th and 11th standard will definitely de-burden the students in their CBSE 10th and 12th standard exams respectively. It is the best time for the students to strengthen their basic concepts, for ensuring in-depth knowledge during the boards.

Why students should subscribe early?

  • They will have more time to understand the concepts and learn different lessons
  • Will be able to attempt a greater number of question papers
  • Before they move in 11th and choose their stream, they will have ample time to choose their favourite subject

best wished and happy learning!!

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