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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Presidential election 2017: PM Modi may have bigger plans for ‘metro man ‘ Sreedharan

The Pinari Vijayan government of Kerala wrote to the Prime Minister’s office asking it to revise the seating plan since Metro Man Sreedharan name is not included.

Later, PMO said Sreedharan has been included in the list of dignitaries.

This puts an end to the controversy over the non -inclusion of DMRC Principal advisor Sreedharan.

Sources say that PMO had deliberately omitted Sreedharan’s name who played an important role in the building of Kochi Metro.

PMO has kept Sreedharan in the loop they added. But Metro Man did not object to his exclusion as he know the reason. 

The Kerala government submitted list of 17 people to PMO.

But the PMO made the final list and approved just six people. 

However the Metro Man is least perturbed. He said there was “nothing unusual about the decision and that he accepted      it “.

“No need to raise controversy over this issue. The PM’s security is more important. Iam not at all hurt” said Sreedharan.

Earlier BJP decided to nominate finance minister Arun Jaitley for the president post since they considered him suitable for the post. But he refused the offer . 

After he refused, BJP choice has fallen on Sreedharan.

They said the next president is likely to be from the southern part of the country.

The move is aimed at gaining more people support during 2018 general elections. 

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