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Price trends of real estate in Pammal

Pammal is developing region in the neighbouring area of Chennai. The place is currently witnessing good infrastructural development in terms of better roadways, posh residential areas, etc. and the place is already being considered to be a good and viable option for those seeking to invest less money for now and book heavy profits in the future. Looking at the pace with which Pammal is developing, this place is indeed going to give good returns in the long run.

There are already quite a lot of good residential apartments and societies put up by builders, so it shows that the region already is attracting the real estate players. Individual customers also get to choose from a variety of plots/flats as per their convenience, requirement and budget.


Talking about the price trend of real estate in Pammal, the average property rate in Pammal ranges between approximately INR 3700 – INR 5000 per square feet. In case of flats instead of plots, the average price of a 2BHK would range somewhere around 40 lacs and a 3BHK would of around 55-60 lacs. Though these prices may differ a bit from locality to locality but there would not be a huge difference from the rates mentioned above.

Talking about the residential properties in the form of flats, Pammal has quite a good range of beautiful houses in the region with amazing features, designs, structure, locality and security. From raw flat to ready to move-in properties, Pammal has plenty of options to choose from, as per the customer’s requirements.

Price trend

Pammal is a developing region with huge development potential in the near future. The property prices are bound to increase by leaps and bounds in few years from now, looking at the current growth of Pammal. If someone is thinking of investing in a property in Pammal right now, this might lead to a fortune for that person in future. The prices are undoubtedly expected to grow immensely owing to the numerous residential and commercial projects being taken up in Pammal, commercialization of the region because of new companies entering the region, and of course the evolving city life and amenities like availability malls, parks, hospital, schools, etc.

There’s a buzz already

There are plenty of new projects being undertaken by a quite a lot of builders and real estate companies in Pammal, in the form of residential complexes as well as commercial sites. Efforts have been made at the municipality level as well, to make Pammal a better and planned region. As per local sources, the municipality has done a wonderful job by converting empty plots in the areas into parks and children play/recreational area.

All of these clearly hint at a brighter future, and better living. And with a better living, the real estate too will amp up its game in the region. The road to development has already begun, and by the time it concludes there would be immense spike in the property demands.

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