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Prime Minster Modi Urges US to have open view on H-1B visas

India’s PM Narendra Modi  asked the US to have a balanced and open mind approach on the movement of skilled professionals. PM elevated the issue during his communication with US Congress members on 21st February and PM suggested that restrictions on professionals would be an unwanted step. PM Modi expressed his concerns on H-1B case publicly first time.


PM Modi mentioned the role of skilled Indian talent in elevating the US economy and society as well. Indians are definitely the largest group of recipients of H-1B visas distributed each year to new applicants under a cap instructed by Congress which is about 65,000. Exclusions on H-1B cap are there to up to 20,000 additional claimants having U.S. master’s degree.

Indian born Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO met Modi on 21st February and told to Economic Times in past that his career was possible because of liberal immigration policy.

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