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Principals urge students to boycott Chinese goods

As India-China relations continue to make headlines daily, the association has asked all school heads and teachers to spread the message of ‘Say no to Chinese goods’, says Prashant Redij.

Amidst growing tensions between India and China on the border front, a group of school principals in the city have decided to ban the use of Chinese products amongst students and parents.

The Mumbai School Principals Association , a body of 1,900 principals has decided to appeal to students and principals to boycott Chinese products like pens, colours and other stationery items amongst other things.

“With the Chinese government using its military might against India, as citizens, we should ensure that we do not help the Chinese economy to grow. The association has thus asked all school heads in the city and teachers to spread the message of ‘Say no to Chinese goods’ to children and their parents,” said Prashant Redij.

Principals and teachers will also conduct awareness session to parents and students regarding this.

City principals welcomed the initiative and said that it will benefit the Indian economy.

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