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Private Water Can bottlers on strike – protesting against Central Government

In the wake of announcement of GST of 18% for private water cans which would push up the rates of them from the existing Rs.25-30 to up to Rs.40 and for higher end brands by up to Rs.90, Private Water Can bottlers has shut down their plants in Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur district to mark their protest against this proposal by the Central Government.

Because of this unconditional closure, the rates of the water cans which constitutes more than 80% of Chennai’s water supply, the other being sachets and water bottles is set to go up forcing people to shell out more. There are close to 370 units being operational in these districts and some 200 units are already shut and another 100 is expected to join them shortly.

Reports says that in few areas, these water cans were sold for as high as Rs.100

Some of the scrupulous traders are making use of the situation, public complained where they have hoarded the can and selling it at more than double the price.

Chennai consumes not less than 1 million cans a day.

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