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Private Haute Couture, high-end French design label, launched few weeks ago its world-class, custom- made designs. Surpassing luxury of many established fashion houses, Private Haute Couture is a new sensation in the world of fashion with its radical beliefs and avant-garde designs. The design house refuses to market its own brand but believes in offering private labels for its clients. By creating bespoke designs completely with the clients’ logo or name handcrafted in silk, gold thread or engraved in solid gold tag, Private Haute Couture guarantees each customer’s design is uniquely their own. Designing luxury jackets, luggage, shoes, belts, jewelry and accessories, the products are made of the most prestigious crocodile, ostrich, snake and fish leather, created in the world’s best tanneries. Buttons and zippers are carved out of mother of pearl, silver, gold, platinum and exotic wood by some of the skilled craftsmen in the world, to deliver premium and unique quality products.

The notion of carrying a brand that no one else can carry is certainly pleasing to those who aspire to be different. Private Haute Couture is bespoke label that offers a level of luxury and exclusivity that remains unparalleled by any other fashion house in the world. ”We travel the world to organize private appointments for our clients allowing them the comfort of their homes” said Christophe the Founder.

A sophisticated and exclusive label, Private Haute Couture includes an anti-theft device for its jackets and luggage collection; a unique and revolutionary technology to protect these premium products. This credit card size gadget can be connected to personal mobile phones and triggers an alarm when the item is out of close proximity of its owner. The device allows different settings monitored and adjusted according to preference.

World’s Most Expensive Jacket at $1,000,000 Fashioned by Private Haute Couture

Private Haute Couture is now launching its Masterpiece : A jacket that is deemed to be the world’s most exclusive one, priced at $1,000,000 and made with sumptuous materials and opulent embellishments. This Million Dollar Jacket is designed for and branded with the name of one of Private Haute Couture’s esteemed clients. This summer, the company has disseminated a new buzz that is resonating worldwide. Made from the world’s finest and most expensive Porosus Crocodile Skin Leather, this jacket is a piece of Art with its suede and matte finish, mixed with the pricey python leather. Apart from the gorgeous exterior of the jacket, the inside is full mink fur, giving the client a feeling of utmost lavishness and comfort. The extent of detailing on this jacket justifies its high price. Each of the five buttons is a glorious 4 Carat Princess Cut yellow diamond. It is set as a central stone due to its fine clarity and color. This, coupled with the four zippers paved with diamonds, is the highlight of the fashion industry. Carrying on the company’s heritage of supreme luxury, the Million Dollar Jacket is one-of-its-kind, made specifically for a unique client offering absolute exclusivity. The jacket is envisioned by the client and created by a connoisseur with almost three decades of experience with high-end luxury brands. Once the actual jacket will be completed, the private logo of the client, made from precious metal and ornamented with gems and jewels, will be engraved on the jacket. Finally, to ensure its safety, the anti-theft technology will be added to the masterpiece as final touch after 7 months of production.

Private Haute Couture is based on the ideology of utmost luxury and limitless exclusivity. This enables its clientele to own a brand and product that represents their style, personality and name completely.



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