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Problems with Traditional Belly Band Holsters

A lot of people that practice concealed carry have turned to a type of holster known as a belly band because of several features it offers, the least of which is the promise of versatility. Belly bands offer practical and functional access to a firearm, promise to conceal a firearm and prevent printing, are supposed to be compatible with a wide range of clothing, and most importantly, are amenable to an athletic lifestyle.

More often than not, however, many belly bands on the market fail to deliver on these promises. While it is true that a belly band holster is an excellent concept, many designs in belly bands fall prey to a number of shortcomings, including but not limited to the following:

  • Many belly bands are designed with thin fabric that does not secure the firearm properly, allowing it to shift or move. In addition, the thin material and lack of total handgun coverage can result in printing. They are supposed to be compatible with a wide range of clothing, but oftentimes the minimal coverage can give the firearm away visually. In addition, with typical belly bands, the handgun handle comes into contact with your skin and can become uncomfortable. Worst of all, some of the belly bands are so thin you can access the trigger through the fabric.
  • Uncomfortable designs that shift around on the body – Typical belly band holstersfor concealed carry are made with low-quality components, as mentioned above. This may cause them to fail to stay in place on the body, even when worn properly, which is both uncomfortable and unsafe.
  • Poor ergonomics that allow the belly band to roll, flop, or bounce while the wearer is engaged in physical activity – Some people choose to wear a belly band because they are supposed to be practical for running and other physical activities. However, many of them bounce or flop on the midsection while the wearer is running, which is both uncomfortable and gives away the holster. In addition, typical belly bands tend to roll down with activity producing uncomfortable pressure areas around the belt.
  • Less than desirable retention features – One of the most important features that a holster can provide is to properly secure the firearm it is designed to carry. Belly bands that do not fully enclose the handgun are not providing the highest degree of handgun retention.
  • Low durability – Typical belly band holsters are fastened onto your body using a hook and loop (Velcro-like) fastener. The problem is that with repeated use these fasteners wear out quickly. Pistol Wear holsters however are not subject to this liability. Pistol Wear holsters are sized to fit with a hook and loop fastener but they are fastened to your body using snaps. As a result, when used properly, Pistol Wear holsters are not subject to the shortened product life span inherent in other belly band holsters.
  • Lack of value-added features – Unlike Pistol Wear holsters, many belly bands don’t offer a spare magazine pouch or have available accessories. Although this is not necessarily a design flaw, it definitely leaves more to be desired.

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