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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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Protestors trying to disrupt G20 meeting

The German police are fully engaged in controlling the protestors from disrupting the G20 meeting.

Hamburg awoke to the buzz of helicopters and the wailing of sirens as police officers rushed to keep up with hundreds of protesters who gathered early Friday at major intersections in the city, in an effort to block the routes G-20 leaders were to take to the convention center.

Demonstrations on Thursday night turned violent after the police moved in to separate a group wearing balaclavas and masks — which German law forbids during public protests — in a section of the 12,000 people who filled the streets outside the security perimeter.

Members of the “Color The Red Zone” protest said they were trying to make it difficult for G20 participants to travel to the talks.

There are reports that the police dressed in riot gear aggressively pushing a group of protesters and journalists away from the scene.

During Friday morning’s protests, small groups of people were pushed back as they tried to march down streets to be used by G20 delegates.

The summit meeting will bring together the world’s most powerful leaders, but the focus is likely to be on one particular face-to-face encounter: between President Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin. They are expected to meet at 3:45 p.m. local time.

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