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Prove me wrong – I’ll resign : Milk & Dairy Development Minister K T Rajendra Balaji

Tamilnadu Milk and airy Development Minister has shown his wrath on the private milk suppliers saying that they mix lot of chemicals in the milk to ensure that they stay fresh. He was criticising them saying that by doing this, these private milk suppliers are detrimental to the health of others. He said if a milk is kept outside for 5 hours and if it does not go stale, it is a clear indication that the milk has been mixed with chemicals.

On the other hand, milk suppliers said that if that is the case, even Aavin Milk which is promoted by Tamilnadu Cooperative Milk Federation is mixed with Chemicals. They cited that the milk is sourced during the day and by night, they are delivered to the shops and most of the time , these packets are kept outside when there is a clear reference that the milk should be refrigerated and kept below 4 degree celsius.

Reacting to the above, the Minister challenged the private milk manufacturers that if they prove him wrong, he is ready to resign from the post which has sent ripples in the Tamilnadu political circle.

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