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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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Public schools record more admission than government schools – A Study

A new study has revealed a vast shift of school student admissions from government schools to public schools. The data shows that in past 5 years student admission in government schools has fallen to 13 million that is the huge number. On the other hand, private has acquired 17.5 million new students in past 5 years.


The question arises what are the reasons that parents do not wish to enroll their children in government schools, provided, free education up to the age of 14 is offered in government schools.


As per the study, using District Information System for Education and education ministry data, inputs, said that parents believe private schools are capable of offering good value for money and enhanced education than government schools.


It is also revealed that in Delhi major schools teachers are engaged on temporary contracts well known as the guest teachers and guest teacher are not motivated and accountable as far as full-time teachers are.


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