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Punjab: Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh orders crackdown on drugs; 485 drug peddlers arrested in 10days

As per the sources , maximum 63 cases have been registered in rural district of Jalandhar.

7.25 kgs of drugs and 1 kg of heroin have been recovered by  Border security forces. , Smack,Charas,Ganja,Bhang,Opium and Poppu Husk were also seized during the campaign.

A special task force was set up by chief minister Amrinder Singh to crackdown on opium in Punjab to clean off the hazards of drugs in the state .

485 drug peddlers have been arrested and 387 FIRs have been registered under Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act in 10 days.

Punjab spokesperson disclosed on Tuesday  – It was a multi state agency operation in which state police with Central Intelligence Agency  and Anti Narcotics cell units, grabbed the  major drugs. Full support has also been provided by the civil administration during this anti drug campaign


The Government of Punjab stated that in the period between 16th March to 27th March , total of 3.945 kgs of heroin was recovered by the raids of the special teams.

The special teams have also recovered 133 bottles of syrup , 90993 capsules and 1075 injections besides 11.224kgs on intoxicant powder.

Apart from this crackdown campaign , the massive awareness programs have also been launched by the Punjab government which includes seminars and educational programs in schools and colleges along with nataks and rallies are also being conducted to create awareness about drug dealings.



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