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Pure Sound Labs Partners with KultureCity

Puro Sound Labs Launches New “PuroCalm” Hearing Protector 

in Partnership with KultureCity

World’s Leading Children’s Premium Headphone Manufacturer to Partner with Leader in Autism Awareness and Acceptance

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 18, 2018- Puro Sound Labs, the world’s leading premium manufacturer of high-quality, safe children’s headphones is proud to announce its partnership with KultureCity, the nation’s leading autism awareness and acceptance organization, in development of a new product offering, the PuroCalm.

The PuroCalm is an external noise reduction ear muff hearing protector (see pictures below) designed to provide its wearer a comfortable, safe, noise-free (27 dB Noise Reduction Rating) experience in loud or disruptive environments such as concert and professional sports venues, zoos and aquariums, and other places that can cause sensory overload.  

And while the ear muff hearing protectors are particularly effective for autistic individuals who are sensitive to disruptive, loud environments, they were designed for all children, ages 2-92, to protect from noise-induced hearing loss. 

As a key element of the partnership, Puro Sound Labs will donate one pair of PuroCalm hearing protectors to KultureCity’s Sensory Inclusion program, featured in entertainment venues such as Madison Square Garden, MetLife Stadium and several others, for every purchase of a set of PuroCalms.  To kick off the partnership, Puro Sound Labs will donate 2,000 pairs to the program to ensure that KultureCity’s immediate needs are met.  

“We’re so excited to continue and expand our partnership with Puro Sound Labs,” says Julian Maha, Founder of KultureCity. “The use of PuroCalm hearing protectors in our sensory initiatives around the country, along with their generous donations from the sales of their headphones, will truly benefit KC’s mission.” Maha continues, “They are a fantastic partner of KultureCity.” 

“The development of the PuroCalm ear muff hearing protector is a perfect solution for KultureCity and the families they support,” said Puro Sound Labs Founder Dave Russell.  “We’re so proud of this partnership…it’s amazing to be able to continue our good work with KultureCity to make such a positive impact on so many lives.”   

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