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Friday , 23 August 2019
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Qatar looking for monetary compensation

Qatar announced the formation of a special committee with which individuals and firms can file claims for damages. The committee will help legally pursue the claims, according to Qatar’s justice ministry.

Thousands of individuals and several businesses have taken major hits ever since Saudi Arabia led coalition that includes the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties and shut off all transport links with Qatar. The four countries accuse Qatar of destabilizing the Middle East by funding terrorism in the region, a claim the Qatari government has denied from the very beginning.

Last week, the four nations said they would continue the boycott after a deadline for Qatar to comply with their demands came and went without a resolution being agreed. Qatar’s foreign minister said his nation wouldn’t comply with any demands that it considers a violation of international law.

In a tweet on the social network, the Qatar Justice Ministry has said. “We are confident that Qatari lawyers can defend Qatar and its symbols through proper legal procedures,” the ministry said on Twitter, adding that it will take “appropriate legal measures to go after the abusers of Qatar.” 

The Kuwaiti Emir is mediating between Qatar and the Saudi led coalition. Qatar earlier rejected the demands given to it by the coalition.

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