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Qatar-Saudi land border shut

Qatar’s only land border connecting Saudi Arabia was shut on Monday leaving the otherwise bustling area looked deserted. Qatar which is scheduled to host the World Cup football in 2022 is in trouble after Saudi Arabia along with United Arab Emirates and few other gulf nations imposed sanctions on them for its alleged connection funding terror activities taking place from Iran and other nations.

Qatar is the richest nation in the world with the net per capita of close to USD140,000 per annum and is rich in petroleum. Indian migrants who work at the border were seen in green uniforms lay on inspection platforms sheltering from the sun.

The majority of the population in Qatar which is also rich in liquified natural gas is overseas workers.

“Qataris were affected because they were unable to see their relatives in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain. One of my relatives told me he was unable to travel to Saudi to attend the funeral of a poet,”said Sultan Qahtani, a Qatari police officer.

“I pray to god that the Saudi border will be opened to preserve ties of kinship between Qataris and other GCC nationals. We must concentrate on these families who are apart now,” he added.

With Saudi shutting the land border, families living in either sides will be having tough time to cross the border to meet each other.

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