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Radiant hairless skin, a product review of Veet and Epilator

If you are bullied by classmates, friends and colleagues just because of hairy legs and hands, Then no worry anymore. We all know hair look more gorgeous on head rather than on skin!!

Team of NewsPatrolling sharing with you, two best solution on how to remove unwanted hair to have a radiant and glowing hair-less skin :

1)      Hair removing cream –Veet

2)       Apilator

Use Veet hair removal cream that is so easy to use without any pain. Just follow simple instructions

1)      take a spatula of cream & apply on skin (on unwanted hair) for 10 minutes

2)      then rinsed slowly with the help of soft cotton towel

3)      Then, wash skin with lukewarm water. Damm surely, after seeing results, you will fall in love with your new hairless legs and hands.

You can use VEET cream for underarms too..

If you see dark spots on regular use of Veet then We would like to suggest you Apilator (A electronic trimming device)

You will get a waxing like finishing touch after using Epilator. You will discover new silky underarms, hands & legs without darkening effects.

Epilator is an electronic device that is used mechanically to remove multiple hair. It has waxing type of finishing.

Hair removal cream is easy to use without pain while Epilator has some painful experience like waxing because it removes the hair from the roots of the skin. It can be used for underarms also because it has no darkening effects.

hair removal tricksPrice: Veet hair removal cream comes under 60INR while Epilator starts from 1700INR.

By: Archana Raulo




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