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Rafael Nadal showed doors in Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal who won the Wimbledon seven years ago was shown doors by Gilles Mueller. The shocking exit comes on 4th round. After winning the French Open for the record 10th time, this defeat has shocked his fans and tennis enthusiasts in general.

Nadal who had an impressive record of not losing a set in Grand Slam since losing it on Melbourne Park Finals to Roger Federer in January said ” It’s not the result that I was expecting. I played better than other years, true. At the same time I was ready for important things, so I lost an opportunity.”

After losing the first two sets by 6-3 and 6-4, Nadal hit back  and won the next 2 sets by the same score but failed to capitalise it on the final set. Had he won the final set and the game, this would have been the fourth instance for him to have won in this fashion.

“When you play against these kind of players, you cannot have mistakes with yourself. That’s what I did. I did twice, in the first and in the second. That cost me two sets,” he said.

“In the fifth, he had more chances than me. So maybe he deserve it a little more than me.” 

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