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Rail is the new pièce de résistance of travel

Better for the environment, better for your skin, faster and more flexible, here’s why rail is having a renaissance. 

India, 29 July 2019 – Klook has seen a global shift in preference for rail travel with triple digit growth to May 2019, particularly in Europe. To support this growing trend, Klook has added rail tickets from over 31 European countries to its platform (including big ticket items such as the Eurail pass) giving customers access to over 15,000 destinations in Europe.

In anticipation for Europe’s ‘summer of rail’, we have dug deeper into what is influencing the trend and why rail is on the up and up. We have also launched our Tip Tap Go campaign – where travellers can explore activities with great prices across destinations and enjoy a stress-free travel across Europe.

  1. It’s often faster than flying.

At first glance, rail journeys can look much more time consuming than the speedy times quoted by airlines, but stop to consider your true travel time. Airports are generally out of the city centre, add to that the airport security, waiting at gates and travel time back into the city on the other end. You can quite easily add three hours to your travel time. Rail on the other hand generally runs city centre to city centre and you can turn up minutes before departure. 

  1. 2It’s better for your skin (#selfcare!)

We all know flying is terrible for your skin – the low humidity levels in the cabin are incredibly dehydrating (think: desert level humidity!) leaving you with dry skin. Add to that the high altitude and limited movement which can leave you puffy – it’s a lousy combination that travellers do not need when they want to look their holiday best! Rail on the other hand has humidity levels much closer to what our skin loves (between 40-70%), and on the ground  puffiness is a non-event, plus there is a lot more freedom to move about the carriage. Founder & Director at HydroSkincare, Parish Stapleton, recommends rail where possible, “It can take up to 7 days for your skin to recover after a long-haul flight, and 3-4 days for short haul.” The Eurail Pass gives you access to 31 countries so there’s no need to dehydrate your skin any further once you’ve arrived in Europe.

  1. The environment will love you for it!

When compared to flying, not only do trains produce less emissions, but those emissions aren’t released directly into the upper atmosphere, which is especially harmful. Air travel, especially “short-haul” flights of less than 480 kilometers, create the most carbon emissions per passenger-kilometer of any mass transit option because of the high fuel consumption during takeoffs and landings.

By comparison, trains can use 50% less fuel per passenger than planes for the same trip, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some trains today also use renewable energy—like solar or wind—which offsets your carbon footprint. Explore the Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) by rail – all the electricity used to power trains in The Netherlands comes from green, renewable energy.

  1. It takes you off the beaten ‘flight route’.

Governments and businesses build airports where it makes commercial and economical sense. This is a no brainer. But it does generally mean you won’t find airports in small towns. Rail on the other hand makes discovering these little gems possible. And of course, there is the added bonus of taking in the countryside as you glide past, giving you an even greater glimpse of Europe.

Yes, Zurich is a great city, but have you been to Luzern? Sitting amid snow-capped mountains, Luzern is a well-preserved medieval town that knows how to throw a great party. Try to get there for the Luzern Carnival known as the ‘Fifth Season’- five days of non-stop celebrations. Luzern is on the main rail line between Milan and Zurich, and the sightseeing on route is breathtaking.

Or travelling from Berlin to Frankfurt? Take the train and stop in at Weimar, relatively undiscovered by tourists, this city is where Bauhaus all began, and has so many beautiful UNESCO listed sites to discover. And of course, there is the added bonus of taking in the countryside as you glide past, giving you an even greater glimpse of Europe.

  1. Freedom! 

Want to take 3L of water on with you? No problem

Want to stretch your legs? There’s no seatbelt sign to stop you

Want to build a tower of cards? No turbulence, friends.

Working or watching movies? No need to put your laptop away.

With Klook, Europe travel becomes so much more than just the iconic. Travellers can take the ‘track’ less travelled and enjoy a more authentic European adventure. Through its partnership with Rail Europe, Klook offers one of the most extensive ranges of Europe Railtravel. Plus, Klook has the insider picks for activities, tours and experiences across the continent, and all available with a best price guarantee from the palm of your hand.

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