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Rajinikanth has committed financial fraud, should not join politics, says BJP leader Subramanian Swamy

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy started another controversy on Friday night alleging that Tamilnadu super star Rajinikanth has committed financial fraud.

Swamy said ” If he comes there will be many things that will tumble out which will be harmful to him . I would advise him not to come ” (to politics) .

He also added that Superstar was “Unfit for any political work “.

Rajinikanth had earlier said he is discussing the prospects and would make an announcement once he finalise it.

“I have not denied it. We are discussing and yet to take decision. Once I take a decision I will inform you” , he said

The actor who met his fans and asked them to ” Prepare for war ” hinting that he might consider entering politics.

While Swamy’s statement seems to have added another twist to the discussion around Rajinikanth’s political ambitions, his statement seemed motivated to push Rajinikanth towards BJP.


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