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Rajni’s 4 day meet ended with a fiery note

Superstar Rajni’s meeting with fans for the past 4 days ended on a high note yesterday. The actor who started meeting his fans after a gap of 16 years at his Raghavendra Wedding Hall in Kodambakkam has been speaking on various issues.

During yesterday’s meet, he said that he is a “Pachai Tamilian”  where Pachai stands for Pure when translated from Tamil. In his own words, he said “I wanted to clear this: there are questions raised about my non-Tamil origin. I was in Karnataka for the first 23 years of my life. I have spent 44 years in Tamil Nadu. Though I came here as a Marathi/Kannadiga, people of Tamil Nadu have supported me, gave me everything. The people of Tamil Nadu have made me a Tamil by their unflinching support. I am a pure Tamil. My forefathers were from Krishnagiri district.”

He also said that is he is asked to move out of the State, he will be gone in Himalayas and no where else. 

Hailing the people of Tamilnadu, he spoke about uncertainty in the Tamilnadu Politics and asked the people to be ready for war. He also said that Tamilnadu has good leaders but no proper rule and guidelines to rule.

“Cho Ramaswamy used to say that Mr. Stalin will do wonders if he is given a free hand. He is a good administrator. Anbumani Ramadoss is also a well educated man with good ideas. Seeman’s ideas have amazed me at times. But, the system itself is rotten. Democracy is rotten. The way people think of democracy has changed drastically. People’s notion about democracy needs to change,” he said. Stalin later replied thanking the Superstar for recognising his work.

He further noted on various issues saying “I didn’t expect my comments about how one should be in politics to create such a big news and debates. Politics is all about opposition and without opposition nobody can grow. But, some comments on the social media made me feel why people stoop so low in using such words.”


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