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Ranbir-Katrina fighting the lows of their relationship

There seems to be trouble in the Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif haven for the last few months. It is being said that their differences have reportedly snowballed into a split. Ranbir has officially moved out of the couple’s Carter Road penthouse and is living in his own flat in the suburbs. We also heard from sources that a couple of days ago they had a dramatic showdown on the set of ‘Jagga Jasoos.’  This led to further cracks in their five-year long relationship and compelled Ranbir to move out.

It is being suggested that problems started with Ranbir’s fondness for his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone. The two were spending a lot of time together during the promotions of Tamasha. Though it worked for the promotion of the film, back home it irked his girlfriend Katrina. The buzz about Katrina and Salman’s ‘meeting’ at a popular suburban studio is said to be a probable cause as well. Opposition from Ranbir’s family isn’t helping them either. Neetu Kapoor never warmed up to Kat.

People close to the couple are still hopeful that they will kiss and make up at the impending long Morocco schedule of ‘Jagga Jasoos.’  It isn’t a far-fetched expectation. But this is a classic case of two people wanting different things from a relationship.

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