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Rare exotic fruits in India that are very expensive


It is true that fruits are one of the most important parts of human life. Besides, they greatly contribute to the body’s nutrition. They are rich with water, vitamin C and fibre. Luckily, with an amazing climatic condition, India holds second place in the list of world’s largest fruits producer. Common fruits such as banana, citrus and mango are grown in every part of the country. In fact, there are some fruits which are generally collected from the jungle and are therefore much costlier than other fruits. So, let’s have a look at some of those fruits which are exotic as well as costly:

  1. Carambola, also known as Star Fruits:

With waxy skin, this fruit makes a great choice for pickle. Ripe carambola has a yellow colour, with light brown ribs on it. The unripe carambola looks green and tastes sour. This fruit is generally grown in the months of September to February. India is the world’s largest carambola producing country in the world. Talking about its nutrition value, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. Carambola is best for diabetic patients as it is low in sodium and sugar.

  1. Fingered Citron, also known as Buddha’s hand:

This exotic and costly fruit looks like a lumpy lemon with yellow tentacles. This aromatic fruit comes with zesty flavour. Some researchers have stated that India’s migrating Buddhist monks took this fruit to China in 400 AD. The fruit doesn’t contain any pulp or juice and is widely used by chefs for its unique look and aroma. Finger citron can be used for flavouring your desserts and alcoholic beverages. In traditional medicine, this is prescribed as a natural tonic.

  1. Langsah, also known as Langsat or Lotka

This small and orb-shaped fruit is a bittersweet grapefruit and tastes sweet when ripe. It is cultivated in some selected places in the south and east India. Langsah is rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamin A. Besides this, it is also a rich source of boflavin and thiamine which help keep the human body healthy. The fruit prevents digestive tract health issues. Moreover, the bark of the tree is used to treat diarrhoea as it has antispasmodic properties.

  1. Karonda, also known as Carandas cherry

These wild berries are delicious and act as a perfect substitute for cranberries. You can use karonda for making jams and pickles. The fruit is grown in West Bengal, the Nilgiri Hills, an in Bihar’s Siwalik Hills. It helps treat various skin related diseases and also provides instant relief from stomach pain and indigestion.

As you can see, India is home to a wide range of exotic varieties of fruits. So why wait, try some these yourself to reap their unique health benefits.

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