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Recipe: Choco chip banana ice cream in five simple steps

Who does not love ice cream. From the youngest ones in the family to the oldest generation, it is everyone’s favourite. So how about making it at h=your home itself in 5 simple steps! Read the recipe below:

⦁ Take 5 over riped bananas, chop them into pieces, and freeze them for 4-5 hours in the deep freezer until hard
⦁ Then take the banana pieces into a blending jar, add half cup of heavy cream, and blend it into a smooth paste
⦁ Now take an ice cream tub, and start layering the paste into it, with sprinkle of choco chip after every layer
⦁ Freeze it in the deep freezer until you get the texture of ice cream
⦁ Serve with chocolate saucechoco chips

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