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Recipe: Gulab Jamun without the instant mix

Gulab Jamun is one of the most loved Indian sweets. Here is an easy recipe which requires no special ingredients or the instant mix that we get in the market. These melt in mouth gulab jamuns can be made instantly and can win many hearts. Here is recipe for how to make gulab jamun with milk powder.

⦁ First make sugar syrup with 1cup water. Bring to boil and let it boil in medium flame for 4-5 minutes, or until the syrup is not watery. Add saffron and cardamom powder while boiling
⦁ In a mixing bowl, add milk powder, 2 levelled spoon of maida, cooking soda, salt, ghee and mix well. Add curd and required water, make a dough without any cracks. Make it gently, without kneading much. Keep aside for 5 mins
⦁ Mix again gently and make equal sized balls out of it. I made 20. Everything should be done gently, don’t be hard while rolling. Rolled balls should not have any cracks. So add water accordingly. You might need to grease your hands with ghee for rolling each jamun
⦁ Heat oil and put the flame to low (oil should never smoke at any point). Add 6-7 jamuns per batch and keep turning for even cooking/ browning. Drain in paper towel and immediately add to the hot sugar syrup. Repeat to finish

Things to remember: a) Do not add more maida as it will make the jamun hard. Cooking soda must be added just right, do not add more b) Jamun and syrup should both be hot c) Give good soaking time for these jamuns d) When you drop the jamun, it should not get browned immediately. If it does, then your oil is too hot to fry. It will not get cooked from inside. So make sure to regulate the heat. It should get fried very slowly in low flame e) f oil is not hot enough also its not good, so bring the oil hot and put the flame low one hot f) he curd and soda makes the jamun soft and big, so do not skip anything

Enjoy making them and eating them too.ras gulle gulab jamun

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