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Red jacket serial rapist arrested

unnamedA superstitious serial rapist was finally arrested on Saturday. He was a tailor by profession and visited Delhi only by the Sampark Kranti Express. He travelled only on odd dates, always wore the same clothes before raping a girl, a blue jeans and a red jacket. He always targetted girls from the ages of 7 – 11 and would return to his hometown of Rampur after doing this. He managed to do this for 13 years before being caught.

He was arrested for raping two minor girls and molesting another minor girl in Ashok Nagar in New Delhi. After his arrest, he confessed to raping 13 minor girls. He also confessed to committing other rapes in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The authorities suspect him to have committed many more crimes, but only after a proper interrogation will this information come out.

He would roam near schools around the time of 2pm to 4 pm, when the girls would leave schools. He also carried a list of schools in his pocket. He would follow a group of girls and would pick a girl who would stray away from thr group.

He would assault girls in dingy lanes and godowns. He believed that if he wore his red jacket while raping a girl, he would never get caught. Police believe he is mentally sick.

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