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Redd Experience Design launches Redd Board, an app for designers to present and annotate

April 08, 2019: User experience (UX) design agency Redd Experience Design has launched Redd Board, the latest product from the Redd stable. This is a presentation and annotation application for professionals in the design field, be it in graphic design, UX design, architecture, interiors or product design, and even business people who need to share ideas and get feedback right away.

Redd Board can be thought of as a shared digital whiteboard that allows for collaboration between people sitting across a table or across continents i.e. remotely. The app allows a person with a tablet to share their ideas and concepts and to make notes directly on the design or image, whether it is a screen mock-up, a logo concept or a floor plan just as if they were doing this on paper.

The presenter can also share a website and make notes on top of it while having a discussion with the client. Changes like moving content around or positions of buttons can be communicated digitally like one would on paper. The client viewing the presentation can draw or comment on it as it is happening and doesn’t need anything more than a web browser to view the live presentation. Once the meeting is done, the notes can be saved and stored for future reference.

Speaking about this, Mr Sharan Grandigae, CEO, Redd Experience Design, said: “Tools for designers have come of age, they have become more specialised and specific. There are tools for presenting screens made by UX designers such as Invision and even tools for generating specifications for those screens like Zeplin. Redd Board is exactly such a tool that is meant to do one specific job really well.”


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