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Reduce tension through direct dialogue – Pentagon to India & China

China is always been giving trouble to India in the border claiming a long stretch of North East India belonging to them apart from claiming the ownership of Tibet, South China Sea among others. They had even gone to the extent of stopping Indian residents entering some parts of Arunachal Pradesh and can do so only with the passport. 

On one hand, the PLA of China has deployed army in the borders, India has been engaged in taking part in joint Naval exercise with USA and Japan since they felt that the attack on waters is imminent rather than land. The two leaders though took part in G20 did not speak to each other.

While Sushma Swaraj soke about the issue in the Parliament and seems to have garnered support from other nations especially from Israel which has become a preferred arms ad ammunition supplier in the recent days, Chinese media has rubbished saying that Ms. Swaraj has lied.

While this was the case, Pentagon has urged India and China to resolve the conflict through talks. “We encourage India and China to engage in direct dialogue aimed at reducing tensions and free of any coercive aspects,” Gary Ross, a Defence Department spokesman said.

Though US State Department also have been making similar statements, it is the Pentagon which has gone a step ahead and asked the nation concerned to end the cold war conflict by initiating a dialogue to resolve the issues amicably.

It is also to be noted here that China offered to broker peace between India and Pakistan over the disputed areas of Kashmir which India refused stating that they would not allow a third nation to enter into its internal matters.

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