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Saturday , 24 August 2019
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Reduce Your Cell Phone Cancer Risk

Excess of anything is not good for us. Especially when we look at technology, we notice that on one side they have helped us modernize and do the impossible, while on the side it has had various negative effects as well. One of them being the risk of cancer. Few Things to reduce cancer risk in this excessive use of cell phones world:

Use a headset:
Sounds obvious, but headsets emit much less radiation than cell phones do, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and they keep your cell phone away from your head. They Further away you are from a source of radiation, the less damage it can do.

Your constantly texting are onto something: Cell phones use less energy (and emit less radiation) when you text than when you talk, says the EWG. Texting also keeps the radiation source further away from your brain.

Watch the bars:

Can you hear me now? If you’re struggling to maintain a connection, ditch the call and wait until you have better service. When your phone has fewer signal bars, it has to work harder (and, therefore, emit more radiation) to connect.

Don’t make calls in elevators or cars:
You already know it’s dangerous to talk and drive; some research says that cell phones use more power to establish a connection in enclosed metal spaces like cars and elevators.

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