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Remembering the beautiful college days

It has been aptly said that ‘college life is the best part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe’. It indeed is the most beautiful part of anyone’s life, and so has been mine.

But the first day that I walked in my college, it was an entirely new place for me, and like every other student even I took some time to adjust. But with every passing year, it started to become an integral and indeed the most beautiful phase of my life. From being alone on day 1, to being a part of a gang of 14 absolutely crazy and fun-loving friends, the transition was absolutely awesome. From playing pranks, to late night group studies, it has been a perfect mix of emotions for me. Some of the most memorable memory was of going on class trips and having endless fun with my closest friends.

Though the college part of my life is over, but it will remain beautifully etched in my mind and heart forever. Every time I recollect those memories, I sort of get transported to that time again and feel nostalgic. It makes me happy for the beautiful memories, and also sad for the fact that this phase has passed. But the best part is that, our college group has been very much in contact, and we plan reunions very often, and we really look forward to these.


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