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Remote Patient Monitoring-IIT Kharagpur Technology

IIT Kharagpur has come up with Wireless technology for remote monitoring of patients conditions in ambulance

“AmbuSens is capable of wireless monitoring of various physiological parameters like ECG, heart-rate, temperature and blood-pressure. It can be fitted in an ambulance to ensure remote monitoring of patient condition by the doctors even before they reach the hospital,” a statement from the institute said.

“There is no such technology at present that can help doctors at the hospital to continuously monitor the condition of the patient when the latter is on the move. This technology will be a boon for the referral patients who are transported from a hospital in remote area to a city hospital,” said Sudip Misra, a professor at department of CSE

Apart from family members , a medical technician accompanies a critical patient in an ambulance he said

But this technician have limited knowledge.Through this technology he can easily connect with doctors and give treatment to patients as per doctors guidance .This can be life saving said Misra 

AmbuSens includes both hardware and software.The referred hospital and ambulance will have laptops with internet connection 

The patient will be fitted with wireless body sensors which helps doctors to monitor health condition of patients 

The technology helps accidents victims and heart patients who need to be taken to the hospital immediately Misra said 

We conducted successful field trials at AIIMS,BCRTH,IIT Kharagpur he added


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