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Report Says India’s air Pollution Is Reason For Early Deaths

As per a new study on Global air pollution reveals that in India air pollution is affecting 1.1 million people to die early every year and now has surpassed China. The figure of early deaths in China is triggered by dangerous air bits.

delhi pollution

The report was issued by the Health Effects Institute and the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation jointly on Tuesday. As per report India has listed an alarming increase of nearly 50 percent in early deaths from air bits from 1990 to 2015.

Michael Brauer, a professor of environment and health relationships at the University of British Columbia said the report has revealed a perfect storm for India. He further added the rapid industrialization, population growth and an ageing public more prone to air pollution in India.

These dangerous air particles can be unrestricted from vehicles especially with diesel engines, and by industry. Further from natural sources like dust is reason. To affect health, air particle enters in the bloodstream through the lungs, damaging cardiac disease and increasing the risk of stroke and heart failure it also causing severe respiratory troubles, like asthma and pneumonia.

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