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Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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Result of #HealthyIndia Contest

Hello Guys

Thanks for the participation in #HealthyIndia contest. Before displaying the name of winner, We would like to fetch your attention to some points.

  1. is a news portal, here we share only quality and informative content. No space for Duplicate and meaningless write-ups or story.
  2. News angles (or way of writing)  matters most in each and every news portal. Because it plays big role in fetching audience’s attention over the website and stories published on it. So, writing style & thinking way matters not length of the story.
  3. Title should be descriptive and should be able to tell whole story to Readers just at a single glance.
  4. Information or report or news or coverage or message should not have any break point or initial points between the paragraphs. It should not divert the readers’ attention or mind from beginning or title of the story.

This time we have left everything on audience which like to read news online. And the parameters set for the winner is “hits” and “time spent by readers “.

This time #HealthyIndia Contest September 2014 WINNER is Mr. Manu Arora.

Congratulation Manu Arora

 In this contest, We received 5 Entries. See details below:


Title Author Status Total hits Time spent (in minutes)
Bye Bye bellies Manu Arora Approved 632 2.39
How peoples of India can be Healthy Neeraj Raja Rejected (because of duplication)
YOGA & ITS CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY Kishore Kumar Mohanty Approved 326 3.56
Good Health Secrets Abhijeet Dhanotiya Approved 256 1.12
Where’s our conscious? Shirohi Govil Approved 252 0.27


I would like to share one more information –   “bye bye bellies”  and “YOGA & ITS CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY” stories have been shared by maximum peoples and other news portals on their websites.




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