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Reusing plastic bottles may harm your health

Refilling and reusing plastic bottles may seem like a good idea from an environment perspective, but it can also damage your health. This has been revealed in a new research. The logic is that plastic bottles are not designed for reuse and if they are reused, they can leak harmful chemicals and also promote the colonization of harmful bacteria. In the research, plastic water bottles used by athletes were tested. These bottles were being used for around a week and it was found that there was widespread contamination. Numerous colonies of bacteria had formed inside these bottles.

The most worrying aspect is that the amount of bacteria found in the plastic bottles was more than that found on an average toilet seat. Moreover, 60 percent of these bacteria were the type that could make people sick. Release of harmful chemicals is another worrying aspect of reusing plastic bottles. There are many chemicals found in plastic bottles that can affect our health, especially if they are reused. Some common health risks include PCOS, endometriosis, hormone imbalances, breast cancer, etc. If you care for the environment, you can go for reusable metal or glass bottles that can be easily cleaned and are chemical free.

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