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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Revanth Reddy is top choice for Telangana as CM – Survey

Political Quotient, a Bengaluru based survey company has conducted the polls recently in Telangana where people have voted to see TRS and CM K Chandrasekhar Rao to be the CM in 2019 elections. Interestingly, after that tenure, they wanted Revanth Reddy to be the CM.

The survey which was conducted in 13,000 polling booths from among the sample of 1,19,000 voters id not see much change for Congress, BJP and Telugu Desam Party. KCR is the popular choice with over 45% voting as their choice. Revanth Reddy, a Telugu Desam party leader got little over 19% where as when parties are concerned, TRS got 43.18% with second and third paces being shared by Congress with 22.95% and TDP with 16.24%

When it comes to caste, almost all caste has shown their preference to TRS. KCR who scripted Telangana as a separate State from unified Andhra gain popularity with the separation and became the CM. He has also done few reforms which has been received well by the Public. Other parties are struggling to consolidate their position in the State and unless there is a coalition, no party as of now could match the popularity of TRS.

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