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Revenue Secretary says more than 8 lakh registered businesses not filing returns

According to the Revenue Secretary, Hasmukh Adhia said that more than 8 lakh listed companies are not filing yearly returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and they may be the possible foundation of money laundering,

Today, Hasmukh Adhia was speaking on the Enforcement Day occasion and he said that task force will be in place by PMO and it will oversee these specific companies in the interval of 15 days.  

He said that among 15 lakh listed companies more than eight lakh are not filing yearly returns with the corporate affairs ministry which are more than 50 percent. On the criteria for not filing a return, make them a possible threat for money laundering. Among these 8 lakh companies, the department has already sent notices to some of them.

Hasmukh Adhia mentioned that task force and Ministry of Corporate Affairs Secretary seeing this matter closely. The trade grounded money laundering is getting conspicuous at present because it was seen in the Rs 6,000 Crore in one government bank case that is Bank of Baroda.

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