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Ritu Grover

CEO, The Global Help Desk

ritu grover 

In 1996, the year which saw the rise of MNC and expansion of corporate culture in India, Ms Ritu Grover Kick started her dream of pioneering the concept of concierge services in India.  Doing her normal day’s work of interior designing in an empty Gurgaon, She always used to wonder about an easy way to get things right. Things, which cannot be ignored neither can they be managed easily.  She had always wondered how to create that much needed fine balance between non ending work and very important personal life.

Indian Facility Management Market started off slowly and reluctantly in 2000s, however, the growing positive effects of Facility Management on company’s productivity and work efficiency has led to wider acceptance of the Facility Management concept in Indian corporate industry. 

Slowly and steadily, by fighting against all odds, believing in her vision and a very fresh idea of Concierge services for the Indian market, Ms Grover in 1988 opened her company, which is now the largest and well-known brand in the facility management Industry, The Global Helpdesk (TGH). 

Coming from a family of Army background, Ms Grover finished her schooling from Army Public School before graduating from Delhi University and a course in Interior architecture from Delhi. A disciplined lifestyle from the childhood and strong upbringing instilled leadership qualities in her. Ms. Grover has bagged many awards as an entrepreneur, Appreciation award by CNBC and AMEX in 2009, Valued Partner Award by Wipro in 2008 and 2009. Her Expertise lies in Facility Management, Concierge Services, Mailroom Management, Expat Management and Rewards & Recognitions – Optimizing Costs & Productivity because of which she is successfully handling her venture.


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