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Roger Federer – Man of Records



Roger Federer defeated his countryman Stanislas Wawrinka in the ATP Indian Wells Masters to life the cup in the finals. By winning the cup, he created few records:

1. Federer became the oldest to win Masters level title at the age of 35 years and 7 months. The previous record was held by Andre Agassi of USA when he had won it in 34 years and 3 months.

2. Federer climbed to 6th in ATP Tennis Rankings from10th. Till date Federer has not gone below Top 10 in the World.

3. Federer has won his 22nd title after turning 30 which itself is a record. The next in the line is at distant second with 8 by Ivan Lendl of USA.

4. The year 2017 has so far seen Federer claiming victory at an impressive 6-0 over the Top 10 players.

5. Federer joined Novak Jokovich with five Indian Wells Titles. He has won it previously in 2004,05,06 ans 12.

6. Federer has won 47 out of 48 service games in his run up to the Title.

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