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Rohit Bakshi gets challenged by '…Bhairav' (TV Snippets)

Mumbai, Nov 15 (IANS) Actor Rohit Bakshi says essaying Lord Shiva in “Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav” has turned out to be challenging for him.

“Shatipeeth Ke Bhairav” depicts the mythical story of 52 ‘shakti peeths’ from the perspective of Lord Shiva’s Bhairav form.

“It is the second time on television that I am playing Lord Shiva. I am privileged to play this role as I am a Shiva devotee myself,” Rohit said in a statement.

“It is one of the most challenging characters ever. It takes me almost two hours to get into the look of Bhairav. My entire body gets painted black and hats off to my make-up artists who do such a phenomenal job to make me look perfect,” he added.

The show is aired on BIG Magic.


Tisha feels honoured to work with Sudha Chandran

Actress Tisha Kapoor, seen as Kaavya in “Ayushman Bhav”, is happy to work with experienced actors like Sudha Chandran, Savita Prabhune and Manish Goel.

“I learn from them so much. No acting school could have taught me what I get to learn from them in person. Having spent so much time in the industry, I am still spellbound by their professionalism,” Tisha said in a statement.

“I look at their shots closely and try to improvise mine with their guidance and support. Each day on the set is a learning experience for me. I consider myself lucky to be part of the ‘Ayushman Bhav’ team,” she added.

The show is aired on Star Bharat.


Tejasswi masters sword fighting

Tejasswi Prakash had to learn sword fighting for “Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya”, and the actress says swinging swords is not easy at all.

As per the narrative of the show, her character Diya, on account of her promise, is the protector of Ratan Maan Singh (played by Rohit Suchanti), wherein it is her responsibility to defend him against all dangers.

To prepare for the role, Tejasswi underwent rigorous training for several action sequences. She will also be seen performing a 360 degree cartwheel stunt wearing a lehenga.

“It was quite challenging to shoot the entire sword fighting sequence, especially a 360-degree cartwheel in fully decked up heavy lehenga and jewellery. However, we got the shot perfect in a few takes and the scene has come out really well,” Tejasswi said in a statement.

“Dodging and swinging swords is not an easy task as the swords are heavy. I have worked really hard and thanks to the training workshop, as it helped me a lot in preparing for this challenging role. In fact, the audience will see me performing several action stunts in episodes to come and I am looking forward to everyone’s reaction to the new me,” she added.

The show is aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

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