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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Romanian PM refuses to quit despite coalition crumble

Romania is in crisis since its PM Sorin Grindeanu has refused to quit after his coalition crumbled making the situation worse since it is the hung parliament which is in force at the moment. 

Grindeanu suffered a major setback after his own party withdrew its support. He belonged to the leftist Social Democrat Party (PSD). The reason cited for this drastic action by the party was that the PM did not implement the coalition government’s program and is also planning to file a no-confidence motion against him in parliament on Monday along with its junior coalition partner ALDE to remove him from the position.

After passing the motion, the no-confidence vote will be conducted on Wednesday and is expected to succeed since PSD and ALDE combiningly has the majority in the Parliament.

“This way we are defusing the situation, this premier clings to power using various tricks despite having lost our political support. This is circus,” ALDE leader Calin Tariceanu said.

“President Iohannis requests the urgent resolution of the internal coalition crisis,” spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi said. “It is strictly the responsibility of parties in the ruling coalition.”

President Klaus Iohannis’s office said on Thursday that a new appointment would be made either on acount of the existing PM’s resignation or PM losing the confidence vote.

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