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Royal Health Group Takes Steps to Improve Health Outcomes and Streamlines their Transitional Care Process by Partnering with Nexus Health Resources

Family-owned Royal Health Group operates multiple senior care facilities throughout Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island and recently partnered with Nexus Health Resources® to begin using its Nexus Health Call CenterTM( for post-discharge patient follow-up calls.

“Innovative health care is one of the hallmarks of our organization,” said Robyn Sloniecki, Vice President of Operations for Royal Health Group. “Partnering with Nexus Health Resources and utilizing the services offered through its Nexus Health Call Center allows us to take an important step toward streamlining our transitional care process and improving health outcomes for Royal Health patients.”

Nexus Health Call Center provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to maintaining communication with patients after discharge. A combination of live and automated transitional care calls is used to confirm patient care plan adherence and facilitate a smooth transition home. Tasks include making sure patients attend follow-up appointments, take their medication and receive the equipment and services they need for a successful recovery.

“Having a centralized call center to handle post-discharge transitional care calls allows Royal Health staff to focus primarily on patient care within their buildings,” said Ryan Sparks, Co-founder and CRO of Nexus Health Resources. “Along with making sure key activities are carried out by patients and caregivers at home, our skilled transitional care coordinators can quickly address any health concerns and notify Royal Health clinical staff of changes in patient condition.”

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