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Rs.40 crore worth of banned notes seized from ex-corporator’s house

In what would come as a major shock for the public was the seizure of Rs.0 crore worth of demonetised currencies that were captured from a former Corporator in Bengaluru. The search was conducted at the house of V Nagaraj who managed to escape from the police. At the time of the raid only his wife , who was an ex-corporator herself and her daughter were present who initially objected to the search but has to budge since the cops had search warrant.

The notes seized were in the denomination of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 and is believed to have been amassed through various illegal means like extortion, kidnap ransom, robbery etc., It was also learnt that the corporator was looking at various means in getting these notes converted to legal tender before landing on the nets of cops. He is believed to have been hiding in Tamilnadu and a special team has been set up to nab him.

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