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RTI reveals shocking Govt approved rates for movie theatres in Tamilnadu

We all know that theatres and multiplexes fleece the movie watchers with exorbitant rates when it comes to selling the food products where a popcorn tub which is worth not more than Rs.5 is being sold for not less than Rs.100 and so as the soft drinks. The news does not end here. An RTI application filed by a private magazine has showed the Govt approved rates which would come as a shocker for the movie patrons.

In Tamilnadu, there are Village Panchayats, Taluks, Municipalities and Corporation.

While the maximum rates set by the Government for a air-conditioned theatre at Rs,50 per ticket, in reality, theatres charge up to Rs.145 per ticket(where Rs.25 for using the 3-D Glass or 3-D movies).

The rates are as follows:

Village Panchayat:

Non-AC – Rs.10 &  AC – Rs.15 per ticket



Non-AC – Rs.20 & AC – Rs.25 per ticket

Parking Charges – Rs.0.50 paisa for bicycle, Re 1 for 2 wheeler, Rs 2 for car



Non-AC – Rs.30 & AC – Rs.40 per ticket

Parking Charges – Re 1 for bicycle, Rs 2  for 2 wheeler, Rs 2.50 for car



Non-AC – Rs.30 & AC – Rs.50 per ticket

Parking Charges – Re. 1 for bicycle, Rs 2 for 2 wheeler, Rs 3 for car

Parking in movie theatres in Chennai ranges between Rs.20 per hour for 2 wheeler, Rs.30 per hour for 4 wheeler and if one needs to watch a movie, apart from ticket rates and huge costs on food items, the viewers needs to shell out a good amount of money for parking charges too making it an expensive affair if it is a family outing.


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