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Russia hacked servers to inflluence US Presidential election

donald-trump1James Clapper, the Director of US National Intelligence has said that Russia hacked into US servers to try and influence the outcome of the US Preseidential election. James Clapper has informed a Senate Armed Services Committee that evidence of the Russian hacking operation would be released soon next week. The declassified information would be available by next week and this evidence would be stronger than the one made available on the 7th of October.

He said that Russia was the main party responsible for the leaks of the Democratic National Party and the emails of John Podesta. The details were released by Wikileaks, but Russia is believed to have given them the details. The information leaked is said to have caused a lot of embarrasment to the Democratic Party and the Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

What is most surprising is no questions are being raised about the undemocratic processes followed in the Democratic party, processes that resulted in primary candidate Bernie Sanders being unfairly treated in the polls, which many believe were rigged to help Hillary Clinton win the Democratic Primaries. Also, no questions were raised about questionable practices that were followed by the Clinton foundation in fundraising and expenditure.
The questionable and illegal nature of the mails is what many people belive tilted the balance in favour of President Donald Trump.

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